Inclusive Communities & Neighbourhoods Dialogues

Inspiring peaceful, caring and enterprising individuals, families and organisations collaboration co-operation communication compassion passion respect trust


The Inclusive Communities & Neighbourhoods (ICN) Dialogues, are part of the Caribbean Diaspora Delivery System (CDDS). The Dialogues aim to explore the capabilities of individuals, families and organisations to collaborate for a transformational of approach to community development and community tourism.


The Dialogues are based on the award-winning Passing the Baton programme: inspiring peaceful, caring and enterprising neighbourhoods developed and implemented by RAFFA International Development Agency, a church-related agency. The coveted London 2012 Inspire programme recognised innovative and exceptional projects that were directly inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The Dialogues consider the most effective approach for: 1. Involving communities and neighbourhoods in the design, development and delivery of
community development projects. 2. Improving young people’s skills and access to workforce development and enterprise opportunities. 3. Developing partnerships between churches and related agencies, education institutions, community tourism, environmental bodies, healthcare systems, sports, leisure and cultural organisations.


The Dialogues are under-pinned by delivery programmes that provide information, advice and support to ensure activities are inclusive and contribute to the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of individuals. The activities are designed to bring children, young people and adults together to share talents, cultures, expertise and experiences across generations and encourage
active participation in their neighbourhoods.

Expected Outcomes

The Dialogues aim to promote shared values and responsibilities through collaboration, trust, co-operation, respect and compassion as a model for renewal, advancement, financial freedom and autonomy.